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Okay... so here I am, again, on Dreamwidth. I have no idea what's going on over at LJ, but from what I gather the Ruskies have taken over the henhouse and are monitoring all the eggs. Okay, so... umm.

Anyway, there's a Trump in the WhiteHouse. I'm a sit and watch sort of guy. I love to watch bad things happen to bad people, but I feel sorry for this fool. He had no idea what he was getting into and now he has to actually make important decisions. So far, it looks like those decisions are less than shiny, unless a polished turd looks shiny.

So... umm. Yep, that's pretty much it. I'm still alive, still out there. Wanting to go listen to Bill play, wanting to go visit the whole wide world. Missing those folks who have passed on, but not to a crippling level. It's the holiday, thing, yo?
So... who all is still out there. I'll let you in if I know you and you knock.

Then again, if you already are in, and those who are in are the only ones who can read this, then that makes a small house. I like small houses. 10... 20 steps... and you can pretty much reach whatever you need and there's no need to crank the volume up to 11.

so, till next time. Maybe I'll check in more than once every 3 years. Heck I was checking into LJ one a day or 3 times a week, an it was pretty empty. Damn you, FB! All the cool kids are over there.
It is that time of year! That time when we think of those near and far, near and nearly near to our hearts. And so, I present to you, my annual Christmas offering

There were six inches of snow crunching under heavy boots, leaving foot craters trailing behind and showing the path of the weary traveler. Grey woolen greatcoat with the collar pulled up over near frozen ears, black fedora crowning a cloud white mane of hair and showing that better days were somewhere far behind. Round rimless eyeglasses, wet almost beyond transparent, perched above a strong round nose and in front of pale blue eyes topped with pale bushy eyebrows.
Red Cheeks BurningCollapse )
"Nope," Nancy said, placing the bill in the pocket of her blouse, "I wouldn't be surprised at all."
And a Merry Christmas to you All!


Entitlism. Is it a word and why?

I have recently been involved in the buying of a new car. And by involved I mean that I was the one who had to put the car in Full Coverage for three days. After that, it goes to liability, which drops the rate from 283 and change to 112 and change.

From the above statement, once can surmise a few obvious things. I'm not really hip on this idea, for one. For another, this car - a 2016 Toyota Corolla - is being bought with cash, or cashier's check or whatever. No down payment. No car payments. And why three days? Yes, you read that right. Three days of full coverage.

3 days because the car was driven off the lot without insurance before any money changed hands. Because the car dealership let them drive it off. Because...

I dunno. Maybe that's a normal thing. Do car lots let people just drive off the lot without putting any money on the car?

The new owner is a 23 year old. This is the first year said 23 year old has had a full time job. Where, you might ask, did the money come for this 23 year old to drive a brand new (only 16 miles on the odometer) car off the lot without putting any money down?

A trust fund. Now, I'm a bit old fashioned. And I've not dealt with trust funds or inheritance, of which he has both, which will amount to around 175 thousand dollars. More if it's invested well, and it probably is.

I am a bit jealous. I admit it. I have had to work for pretty much everything in my world since I was 15, give or take. There was a period when I didn't... I was at college and a moron, and I took from my father as if money was something I could just have. Even so, I paid for it in the end.

So, when I run into a child who has been given everything since birth - okay, so his life wasn't always very easy. Knowing who his mother is gives me insight to what he had to live through. No... scratch that. His life was EASY, because his mother made sure that he didn't have to suffer the slings and arrows that most of us do.

He never went without a meal - never went without his toys, regardless of the cost to her. Yes, she went without.

And I suspect it's because of guilt. She was involved in a car accident where the boy was ejected and broke his leg. And, so, guilt ridden, she has made sure his life was a living heaven, at least as far as the comforts of life were concerned.

So... entitlement. *sigh* How I do go on.

See... I believe that, even if you do have a trust fund and are inheriting a butt load of money, you should still have to assume responsibility for some of your life. You should have to work, sweat, mow the lawn, take out the trash... something.

To the best of my knowledge, this has not happened. Now, I've been told that he worked at the State fair in one of those A&W stand sort of things. I have never witnessed it. I've been told that he takes out the trash, but from the evidence the job, although done, is lackluster at best, and once again, I have not seen him do this. It is just as likely his mom does it. I don't ask.

Instead, I prefer to be bugged by the concept that he'll drive a car till it dies from lack of maintenance and be able to buy a new one by walking in and saying "umm.. I'll take that one." Bugged a lot.

I don't like people who just slide by in life. Even though I do things that make some folks go "What? How did you do that?" because I tend to open doors that probably shouldn't be opened and I ask for things that people don't tend to ask for, I do it with the full knowledge that an alarm may go off and I may have to answer some very difficult questions. And I do it with the full knowledge that someone may just tell me to F off.

That is the adventure. That is the challenge. That is the risk. That makes living work living to me.

But to have your life silver plattered and given to you? To not take a risk? That's not living, in my very not humble opinion. That is having a life. A life that will push you to nearly 400 pounds with a high risk of diabetes and when that life is over, and you momma is wailing about how could 'God' do this to her, I'll be the one to pick up the pieces.

Yeah. It, like everything else in my world, is in the end all about me.

I'd like to think that I'm better than that. That if I suddenly had buckets of money that I'd continue to live like I do, with the exception of maybe driving a better car, maybe taking a few more trips, and doing my part to make the world around me a better place.

I'd like to think that. I suspect that I'm pretty much like everyone else, though. But I'd like to think I'm better than that. I'd be willing to submit to the experiment.

For us older dogs - Relationships Pt 2

Let's see.. where was I?
Oh yeah.. talking bout my dad. I think I was finished with him, pretty much. Dad wasn't round much, and then, when mom and dad divorced he married another woman, and I use the term loosely as she wasn't even human. Edra Hopkins is and was her name. I suspect she's still alive, though that would be a cruel injustice.
easier to just shoot themCollapse )
So.. relationships. If you want me to go on forever about how many mistakes I've made, let me know. I'm kinda tired tonight and thought I'd make it a short one.

Next up, the things that go right. Relationships, part 3.
Stay warm, batten down the hatches, the winds a blowing. Really.

For us older dogs - Relationships.

This is not a hard topic. It's something that everyone has and everyone says is hard, but relationships aren't hard. They can be difficult. They can be wonderful. They can be hellacious and they can be the most marvelous thing in your life.

They can be any level or flavor in between. Or even outside.

Simply put, a relationship is any sort of communication you have with any human being. That even includes yourself.

I have had, at one time or another, every flavor in the entire Baskie Robbins ice cream shop, and this includes the one with myself.
Relationships, PT 1Collapse )
Still, he was a good dad, and I loved him very much. We only had a falling out when he divorced mom.

Okay. I'm going out to get pizza. I'll be back tomorrow and pick up where I left off.

Peace out! Till tomorrow.

For us older dogs

This is something I've been wanting to do for a while. Not that story of my life bulloney... where I try to pass myself off as someone so incredibly different that nobody would ever understand. Someone so old, that I was above petty human stuff and just couldn't grasp how people could treat each other that way.

Fact is, I'm pretty much like everybody else. I've done good, I've done bad, I've done mediocre. I've lived a lot of life and can bs with the best of them, but the vocal me is very much different than the Storyteller me. Here I will be Storyteller, telling a real story about a man named Chester, Chet, friend or chum, depending on who you are to me.

Thoughts on who I amCollapse )
And the stupid thing is, I'm going to do it again. And again. And again. Because, just like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, eventually, it stops hurting.

See you tomorrow!
It seems I can't write a story about a normal person.  I've been trying, really.  And before you wonder and get concerned, my hands are feeling fine.  Yes, sometimes they still act up and the trigger finger monster hits that right hand and needs to be pried back to position, but with the help of Shannon's magical potions, they are doing much better and I have no pain.
So, here I give to you, my readers, a story that came to me in a dream.  Multiple dreams, actually, over several dreams.  Even when I went back to sleep from waking up, the story picked up right where I left off.
Matt Meyers, Dream WalkerCollapse )

A cold and snowy night...

It is that time of year! That time when we think of those near and far, near and nearly near to our hearts. And so, I present to you, my annual Christmas offering And the snow fell in great marshmallowy gobsCollapse )And a Merry Christmas to you All!

Take 2 - Lockwell and Hart

Maybe a little something something to get me started. I miss writing.
John LockwellCollapse )


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